Small cryogenic crusher
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  • 2019-07-01

Detailed information


The whole set of low temperature mill is composed of silo, mechanical pulverizer, induced draft fan, cyclone, liquid ammonia (user self-matching).
The low-temperature mill system uses liquid ammonia as a cold source, and the pulverized material is cooled to a state of embrittlement and pulverization at a low temperature, and then enters the mechanical pulverizer chamber to rotate at a high speed through the impeller, and the material and the blade, the toothed disc, the material and the material Under the combined action of repeated impact, collision, shearing and friction, the crushing effect is achieved; the pulverized material is classified and collected by the airflow screen fan, and the material that has not reached the fineness requirement is returned to the silo to continue crushing, and the cooling is large. Partial return bins are recycled.
The low-temperature mill system in the process of material pulverization, the cold source forms a closed loop system, so that the cold source can be fully utilized to save energy; the temperature of the cold source for pulverization can be reduced to -196 degrees, according to the brittleness of the material The temperature is set, the temperature can be adjusted during the pulverization process, the optimum pulverization temperature is selected, the energy consumption is reduced, and the pulverization fineness can reach 10-700 mesh, even reaching fineness such as micron. The use of liquid ammonia as a grinding medium to achieve ultra-low temperature pulverization, material explosion-proof, anti-oxidation and other comprehensive effects.
The low-temperature mill is a derivative of the cryogenic pulverizer. Compared with its small size, low loss, low energy consumption and easy operation, it is the first domestic production and energy saving machine. Widely used in the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the testing of polymer materials.

Technical Parameters

Crusher power


Fan power


Total power



Liquid nitrogen

Operating temperature


Crushing fineness

Food and medicine≥300mesh

Polymer Materials≥100mesh


Food and medicine 200-500kg/h

Polymer Materials 50-100kg/h

The entire system has variable frequency control

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