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  • 25-06-2019

    3D mixer performance characteristics

    The three-maintenance oscillating mixer works differently from the traditional rotary mixer. It performs unique translation, rotation, rock motion in the three-dimensional space of the cube, and makes the material "rotating flow-translation-reverse down" in the mixing cylinder. Such a complex state of motion, the so-called TURBULA state; produces an alternating pulse that continuously pushes the material, and the motion-induced turbulence has a varying energy gradient, thereby causing the particles in the mixed material to have an inactive motion state.

  • 25-06-2019

    Advantages of crusher in food processing of agricultural products

    The pulverizer can produce evaporation and water removal in the processing of micro-powder of agricultural products, and can remove the moisture of the material. Generally, the amount of water removed by evaporation is about 10%.

  • 25-06-2019

    Briefly describe the main features of the universal crusher

    The universal crusher and crushed material are made of stainless steel in all areas and have good corrosion resistance. Surrounded by fully enclosed, easy to clean, machine * shell processing, the wall should be flat, the surface is smooth, medicine, food and chemical production is more in line with national standards. This machine is currently produced exclusively in China.

  • 25-06-2019

    The working principle and characteristics of the freezing pulverizer

    1. Working principle and characteristics

  • 25-06-2019

    Universal crusher common fault phenomenon and solution

    First of all, when we use the universal grinder, no one wants it to malfunction, but this is impossible in theory and practical application. What should we do when the universal crusher fails? Here's how to troubleshoot common faults in the universal shredder.

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