Universal crusher common fault phenomenon and solution

First of all, when we use the universal grinder, no one wants it to malfunction, but this is impossible in theory and practical application. What should we do when the universal crusher fails? Here's how to troubleshoot common faults in the universal shredder.

Fault phenomenon and solution

First, the universal crusher generally uses a motor directly connected to the crushing device. This connection method is simple and easy to maintain. However, if the two are not well connected during the assembly process, the overall vibration of the universal crusher will be caused.

(1) The rotor of the motor is not the same as the rotor of the universal crusher. You can move the position of the motor left or right, or pad the bottom of the motor to adjust the concentricity of the two rotors.

(2) The universal crusher rotor is not the same. The reason is that the two bearing faces of the rotor shaft are not in the same plane. The copper can be padded on the bottom of the bearing housing, or an adjustable wedge iron can be added to the bottom of the bearing to ensure that the two shaft heads are concentric.

(3) The vibration of the crushing chamber is large. The reason is that the coupling of the coupling and the rotor is not uniform or the mass of the flat hammer inside the rotor is not uniform. According to different types of couplings, the corresponding method can be adopted to complete the connection between the coupling and the motor: when the mass of the hammer is not uniform, each group of hammers must be re-selected to make the symmetrical hammers and symmetrical hammers. The chip error is less than 5G.

(4) The original balance was destroyed. After the motor is repaired, a dynamic balance test is required to ensure the overall balance.

(5) The anchor bolts of the universal grinder system are loose or the foundation is not strong. When installing or repairing, the anchor bolts should be evenly tightened. Between the foundation of the ground and the crusher, the shock absorber should be installed to reduce vibration.

(6) There is a hard object in the hammer piece that is broken or crushed. These will cause the rotor to rotate unbalanced, causing the whole machine to vibrate. Therefore, it is necessary to check regularly for hammers with severe wear. When replacing, it should be replaced symmetrically; if abnormal sound occurs during the operation of the pulverizer, it should be stopped immediately to check the cause and deal with it in time.

(7) The connection between the pulverizer system and other equipment does not match. For example, the improper connection of the feed pipe and the discharge pipe may cause vibration and sound generation. Therefore, it is not appropriate to use a hard joint for these joints, and it is preferable to use a soft joint.

Second, the bearing is overheated

The bearing is an important accessory on the universal crusher, and its performance directly affects the normal operation and production efficiency of the equipment. During the operation of the equipment, the user should pay special attention to the temperature rise of the bearing and the noise of the bearing parts.

(1) The two bearing blocks are uneven, or the rotor of the motor is not concentric with the rotor of the pulverizer, which will cause the bearing to be subjected to an impact of additional load, thereby causing the bearing to overheat. In this case, stop using the universal grinder immediately to troubleshoot to avoid early damage to the bearing.

(2) Too much lubricating oil in the bearing, too little or aging is also the main reason for the bearing overheating and damage. Therefore, it is necessary to fill the lubricating oil quantitatively according to the requirements of the use of the book. Generally, the lubrication accounts for 70% of the bearing space. 80%, too much or too little is not conducive to bearing lubrication and heat transfer. Bearings extend their service life.

(3) The bearing cap and the shaft are too tightly fitted, and the bearing and the shaft are too tight or too loose to lead the bearing to overheat. Once this problem occurs, a frictional sound and a noticeable oscillation will occur during the operation of the equipment. The universal crusher should be stopped and the bearing removed. Trim the friction parts and reassemble as required.

Third, the universal crusher is blocked

The clogging of the universal pulverizer is one of the common faults in the use of the pulverizer. It may be a problem in the design of the organic tool, but it is more caused by improper operation.

(1) The feed rate is too fast, the load is increased, causing blockage. During the feeding process, always pay attention to the large deflection angle of the ammeter pointer. If the rated current is exceeded, it indicates that the motor is overloaded and overloaded for a long time, which will burn the motor. In this case, the door should be immediately reduced or closed, and the way of feeding can be changed. The feeder is controlled to increase the amount of feed. There are two types of feeders: manual and automatic. Users should select the appropriate feeder according to the actual situation. Because the universal shredder has high speed and load, and the load is highly volatile. Therefore, the current when the pulverizer is working is generally controlled at about 85% of the rated current.

(2) If the discharge pipe is not smooth or the feed is too fast, the air vent of the universal pulverizer will be blocked; improper matching with the conveying equipment will cause the wind of the discharge pipe to be weakened or blocked after no wind. After the fault is detected, the conveying equipment whose delivery port is not matched shall be cleared first, and the feeding amount shall be adjusted to make the equipment operate normally.

(3) Hammer pieces, aging, screen mesh holes are closed, broken, and the water content of the crushed material is too high, which will cause the universal crusher to block. The broken and severely aged hammers should be regularly updated to keep the pulverizer in good working condition, and the screen should be inspected regularly. The moisture content of the pulverized material should be less than 14%, which can improve the production efficiency and prevent the universal pulverizer from clogging. To enhance the reliability of the work of the crusher.

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