The working principle and characteristics of the freezing pulverizer

1. Working principle and characteristics

This product consists of a complete set of freezing plant silos, mechanical crushers, induced draft fans, cyclones, vibrating screens, Dewar and so on.

(1) Working principle

The liquid nitrogen source of the low-temperature pulverizer system is cold, and the pulverized cooling material is easily broken at a lower temperature. The crusher enters the human body cavity through the high-speed rotating impeller machinery, material and leaves, the toothed disc, between the material and the material. The interaction and influence, collision, shearing, friction, and cooperation achieved from the crushing effect: the pulverized material air grading sieve machine was classified and collected: the fine material that did not meet the requirements returned to the shelter, most of the return air conditioning Breaking continues to recycle bins.

(2) Features

The cold light source in the material crushing process of the freezer system forms a closed loop system, which makes full use of energy and saves energy: the temperature of the crushing and cold source drops to 196 degrees, and the temperature control during the crushing process according to the negative material temperature Choose the best pulverizing temperature and reduce the energy consumption: the pulverization can reach 10~700 mesh, even micron muons and fineness: use liquid nitrogen as grinding media to achieve crushing, powder of materials, oxidation prevention, and other comprehensive explosion-proof effect.

2, the scope of use

The refrigeration plant system can not be used to crush various materials at room temperature. It is widely used in various chemical, petrochemical, machinery, marine, steam automotive, electronics, clothing, coating, printing, engineering plastics, rubber, thermoplastic materials, and hot melt. Glue, nylon, polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene, food industry (chili powder), etc.
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