Briefly describe the main features of the universal crusher

The universal crusher and crushed material are made of stainless steel in all areas and have good corrosion resistance. Surrounded by fully enclosed, easy to clean, machine * shell processing, the wall should be flat, the surface is smooth, medicine, food and chemical production is more in line with national standards. This machine is currently produced exclusively in China.

When the material inlet enters the machine, the hammer (tooth) that is immediately rotated at high speed breaks the casting material and hits the broken circuit board. When the material is in the crusher and the continuous hole size is small, the lower screen can pass through the screen hole. The fan blades entering the room rotate, causing the negative pressure to be sucked out of the material and blown through the fan blades to the designated settlement device

This machine is equipped with three rings of movable gear ring on the main shaft gear plate, the upper cover of the crushing chamber and the fixed toothed disc, and the double fixed ring of the fixed toothed disc cover. The movable toothed sprocket and the fixed ring gear are interlaced. When the spindle is running at high speed, the active sprocket is running, and the gap between the material he throws into the head. The material and the teeth or materials interact with each other, shearing, and frictional effects to obtain comminution. The finished sieve smashing chamber enters the capture bag and the coarse material continues. Can be used for raw material pulverization adjustment. Screen, the machine is simple in structure, durable, easy to use and maintain, high output and stable operation.

1) The rotor crusher is not only suitable for drying fragile materials, but also for some toughness and fiber materials.

2) Strong friction, the temperature of the material in the large diameter of the machine rises, leading to dehydration.

3) It is not released immediately after breaking, resulting in excessive, crushing and wasting energy.

4) The obtained pulverized particle size is uniform.
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